Hurricanes Activates Clairvoyance

Gaia Releases Powerful Energy as Hurricanes wreak havoc at the very end of summer in late August people are experiencing Mother Nature trying to right herself. At a busy time when children are going back to school and people are putting away their garden until spring, many lives have been lost and many more people are displaced, and homeless.

Hurricane Harvey left a trail of destruction in his path. Flooding the likes of which have not been seen for centuries created a situation that brought people together. It was heartbreaking to see people’s houses and cars underwater. Lives were lost but many more were saved. In Houston, Texas people were rescued by there fellow neighbors in boats and trucks. My heart goes out to the people of the gulf coast as the rain has stopped and the sun shines its light on the devastation.

Now the rebuilding begins and it’s a great time to send distance healing, love and prayers as well as money to help people at this difficult time. I have a personal friend in Houston who had to wade through waist-high water for seven blocks before he was rescued by his brother who has a large truck. His house was seriously damaged and his church was very generous with a $2500 donation so he can repair the damage to his home so it is habitable again. There are so many stories like this one where people can feel the love and the generosity of the human spirit.

This is a time where intuition is very keen. I would wager that many people have had their clairvoyance and clairaudience activated. Notice if you are sensitive to the energies. There were even more devastation and loss of life in Nepal, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where monsoon season was the worst in many years. Take a moment to breathe and center yourself and send healing energy and light to those survivors and those that have passed.

This a time where money is desperately needed to find survivors and the injured. Send prayers and love and light to the victims of this disaster as well. Elephants assisted in the rescue efforts in southern Nepal. I have been to Nepal and I am aware of many people living in there in mud huts and very basic dwellings which have been destroyed in the wake of the flooding. We are all human and I sense we are all connected.

In times like these we pull together.