How To Create Good Karma

Well today I want to talk about Karma.

We all hear and repeat this word, but what does it actually mean ? Let me tell you that Karma is the Universal Law of Nature that causes one to reap what one sows, it refers to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. I want you to understand how important your words and thoughts are, along with your actions as they all play a big role in your Karma. In other word, the principle of Karma is “what goes around comes around”.

Now let me tell you how to create good and positive Karma; well there are so many things you can do, the list is endless.

You can:

– Admit when you are wrong and take responsibility in your actions including saying sorry nd how can I make it right. – Be kind and don’t expect to get something in return.

– Don’t let your ego stands in the way of making things right with others.

– I know this one is hard but sometimes silence is better than saying words that can hurt someone, so try to hold them.

– Avoid judging people especially if you don’t really know them or what they been through. Remember that what achieved isn’t who they are.

– If you are going to get a pet, try to adopt a rescued one instead of buying one, this way you will hit two birds with one stone, you get a pet and you earn a good deed J

– Be sensitive and gentle to the Earth, after all it’s our homeland and the reason we survived all this time. – If you are in a good mood don’t reflect it on your beloved one, get some you time to calm down or feel better, better contain the negative energy than spread it and let it increase..

– Put yourself in the other person shoe; meaning to tell them something you wouldn’t want to be told to you. Don’t treat them in a way you wouldn’t like to be treated. Remember what goes around comes around.

– If you are going to help someone, don’t brag about it, do it secretly, even if it’s someone in the street that you want to help with few bucks, you can do it but without showing off and letting other sees how much you gave him or post a selfie with that person, it takes away your good deed really.

My favorite saying on this matter is “Life is like a mirror, never gives back than we put into it”. I would love to hear more suggestions from you, because I truly believe that this can give you a more peaceful life and a better sense of satisfaction