How to be Kind

Hey there, a few days ago I got a bit sick, not a big deal. Some friends of mine came to visit and we were talking, one topic led to another and we found ourselves discussing a topic that I wanted to share with u. It’s compassion with the people who hurt us or wronged us. So I wanted to share with you today some of the things we discussed.   Developing compassion for someone who hurt us, betrayed us or offended us isn’t an easy thing as we all know.

But hear me out, because by the time you finish reading this you will see things from a different angle that will make you open up on more possibilities and you will come up to the conclusion that the only reason why stress and cruelty affect us deeply only because of the way we react to them resentfully. I am sure that most of you have seen of these TV Series (Orange Is The New Black, Wentworth or Prison Break…)

If you did then you know how they made you feel, how you showed sympathy to the offenders who were prisoners and held in jail. Why is that? Simply because the producers did a great job with the underlying theme of the shows through flashbacks and backstories that allowed you to see them from a different angle other than their failures and dysfunctional ways. Instead, you felt sorry for them, you wanted them to find redemption and peace, and you understood why they acted in certain ways that were hurtful to others because they have been hurt themselves too.

I myself wanted those characters to find happiness and to get what they wanted in life. What if we can do that in real life with the people around us, to try to see beyond what they show to the world because even we when we think we really know someone we have to realize that we only know what they show us. We can’t really know the shame they feel deep inside, the hurt they feel or their deepest fear. If you really knew the reason behind the pain caused by those people, what if you really knew more about their past or their insecurities, fear and guilt…

Do you think you could develop compassion for them?