How to Be a Good Friend

We often complain about how unfaithful some friends are, about how bad some people can be.  But, what about us? What about you?  When was the last time you have asked yourself: “Am I a good friend?” It is important to have fun and to enjoy your time with your friends. But being there for someone in hardships is more important.  Whenever I am not feeling ok, I don’t turn to a lot of people, I only talk to very few, if any. I am almost certain that the majority of you are similar.    If your friend reaches you out of many others, you should be very comprehensive and not judgmental.

Try to avoid sentences like “I have told you so”, “why did you do that”, and “you should not have done that”….instead, be positive and show support!

Use phrases like “everything will be ok and what happened has happened and we should not overthink”.

Try to avoid being preaching and let your friend speak. Just listen to every word being said. It is very important.   But be careful my dear readers, being optimistic and supportive also means being HONEST.

Try to give your opinion but in a nice way. Do not hide facts or lie just to make the other person feels better. Being realistic and giving valid advice is a good way to deal with bad situations.

Being dishonest can show even in your gesture, you will be stressed and nervous and your friend will notice that. Confidence that proves you will support your friend no matter what is a sign that you are a good friend indeed.

And remember that you do not need occasions to check on your friends! Call them or visit them whenever you want to or feel like it! You do not have to wait for an event or anything. Just check on them from time t time and enjoy spending time together.

I hope that every person who reads this appreciates their friendships.

Thank you for reading!