How does he treat you?

How he Treats You Early On is Telling-  I am a love and relationship psychic who uses cards and crystal scrying as well as no tools readings to help answer questions about your lover, your relationship or questions about new love entering your life. One thing I have noticed over the years is that how he treats you from the very beginning is terribly telling. It is much easier to have a fulfilling and happy love life if you know whats important to you in a relationship before the relationship even begins. And it is so important when looking at potential mates to pay attention to the little things about him that irritate you or fill you with joy. Because if you do decide to begin a relationship it’s entirely possible you will be living with these habits and behaviors for a long time to come. Remember its human nature to be on our very best behavior on a first date.

If he is staring at other women on a first date or wants to meet at McDonald’s instead of The Cheesecake Factory or shows up 45 minutes late or dresses poorly and forgot to brush his teeth it is fair to say that it’s unlikely to get better. In fact, it is extremely likely that his inconsiderate behaviour will only get worse. If she spends her time talking about how terrible her last relationship was on your first date or repeatedly cancels your invitations or drinks too much tequila and embarrasses you in public take heed lover girls and loverboys!

These are great big red flags! Be happy that these dogs and frogs have revealed their true colours and saved you untold time and heartache. Dogs and frogs are not princes or princesses and it is much easier to find a partner with compatible behaviour rather than getting a person to change their behaviour. That’s because behaviour patterns develop over time and are generally quite entrenched in our day to day actions. That said enjoy date night and pay close attention to your date.