Hospital on the Hill

30 minutes from me an old hospital that has rusted over stands on the top of a mountain overseeing the biggest movie theatre complex in town. Most people however are not aware that it is known to be haunted. The old hospital had many levels including a mental ward.

One night a friend of mine and myself decided to check it out. Now it is fenced off but not well and it’s very easy to crawl under the gates which we did. There was a smell of rusted steel and a very heavy feeling spiritually. I really enjoy cool paranormal experiences and I was full of expectation to see something, not of this world. My friend and I went around the hospital it was like a maze most of the walls had fallen down and only the steel structure holding it up remained. When we came to the mental unit I froze not in fear but because the room became cold as if a presence was in the room. I asked my friend do you feel that? He replied yes. I pulled my camera phone out hoping to get some great paranormal footage. I started yelling is anyone there. Is anyone there and rattling the steel frame. My friend was scared at this point and said what are you doing. I was just trying to get the ghosts to react. I thought I saw a light at the end of the hall I sprinted towards the light. My phone moving up and down in my hand as I was eager to get this on film.

To my disappointment, no ghost to be seen and the light had vanished. I heard my friend screaming come back don’t just leave me. I ran back down the hall noticing how depressing it must have been for the patients in this hospital as the small amount of walling left looked the same from top to bottom. I started to hear whispers. I also had an ancient mp3 recorder now and I started recording these whispers. At this point, my friend freaked out. He sprinted for the exit like a US marine soldier. He glided under the fence and I walked out slowly, climbed under the fence and poked a bit of playful fun at my buddy for being scarred.

I definitely caught something on that old mp3 player that night. I played it back to people and about 10 of them that did believe in the paranormal all said you should get rid of that, it’s the creepiest thing I have ever heard. I thought it was really amazing and kept it over the years. That mp3 player died but that won’t be my last trip to the abandoned hospital on the hill.