Horus – an Egyptian Stone

I pulled one of my ancient Egyptian Stones for myself today.  I  had a reading with someone that was still sitting on my mind.  This stone tells me to look for messages, keep your eye open.  Look in nature, I always keep my eye on birds for messages, I’m very tied to them.  Horus: is Lord of the Skies.  He is represented on my stone as the eye of Horus.  He simply tells us to keep our eye on messages from the universe.  Horus is visionary, Majesty, Communication and Harmony.  Look to your dreams he says, what do you feel in your cells, talk to the inner self.

I see to take a look at the world around me and deep into myself.  I feel it is an important thing to look at the world around us to direct ourselves to where we are going.  So I begin to open myself up to messages.  When I’m reading for others, of course, I look at the other cards and stones I pull with Horus to see where it would head.

Now where the messages come from, well that comes at all kinds of times.  In the shower, while I’m on walks, but it happens when I’m paying attention and am not distracted by life.  When going through your life, try to be present, look for the messages that are presenting themselves.  Don’t ignore them, sometimes we try to push them out of the way.  This limits us or keeps us from answers that will help.  Today I kept my eyes open and in the middle of another reading, it came to me.  What had been bothering me, the answer I needed.  Just keep your eyes open.