Hey, sweeties How are you ?? I hope you are all doing well. This blog is about something that feels, a good feeling and sensation that can strengthen several relationships. I am talking about honesty my sweeties!! because what is better than honest? What is better than feeling safe and comfortable with your partner? what could be better than trusting your beloved? What could be better than not regretting this given trust? The best way to make any relationship work is Honesty my friends! yes Honesty ! when you don’t like something say it ! when you like something say it as well my loves! anything that is annoying you just let it all out! talk it out with your partner because s/he is all you have! talk and open to your partner because s/he is supposed to understand you more than all people my sweeties! talk and talk and talk because when you hold it in, you will explode at the end be Honest so that you understand each other and avoid having tension the relationship loves and let me tell you, do not be afraid that if you are honest you will be fragile, it is the contrary, it will make you stronger So be honest dear readers and enhance your relationship and remember that clarity is very important Hugs and see you in the next blog take care