My sister and I are huge fans of A Street Cat Named Bob. This is a series of books and a movie based on the real life adventures of a recovering drug addict/street musician who is adopted by a homeless cat.

James Bowen is struggling to overcome addiction. He earns money playing the guitar and singing in the streets of London. He finds an injured cat and spends his last bit of money to have him treated. The cat who he names Bob decides to stay with James and accompanies him on his musical outings. James and Bob get a lot of attention, make many friends, and are a huge success. It has a happy ending.

Messages I received from the book were: If you stop and listen to a street musician, you owe them a dollar. Everyone deserves a second chance. Refrain from judging by appearances only. When you think you are saving someone, they might end up saving you.

My sister and I were so excited when the DVD was finally released in the U.S. I highly recommend the movie and the series of books to both animal lovers and to those who enjoy a heartwarming story. Enjoy!