Heart Songs

This continues to be a glorious summer. While many of us are enjoying time with our children and family others may be heavy of heart. Often the stuff that weighs us down is related to issues with love and relationships including family, friends or issues related to health and well being.

Grief and loss is not a pathology, rather it is a part of the human condition. I also sense that many of us are suffering on a spiritual level related to our losing touch with our connection to Gaia, our awesome Mother Earth. She has incredible healing powers and sustains us in this intricate web of life.

In return, it is crucial that we treat her with the utmost love and respect. Unfortunately, humans are the one animal that has the ability to decimate or destroy the planet because of our predilection for war, violence and greed. We are also the one being inhabiting this planet that has the ability to change our course. By opening your heart, your eyes and your mind you can make changes for the better. To me, small changes matter.

If one monkey figures out the easiest way to break open a coconut, pretty soon all the monkeys are doing the same thing. We learn we grow, we change not only as individuals but more importantly as communities, as members of the web of life. One thing I’ve learned in my work as a psychic is that human beings are incredibly resilient. People can have so much on their plate. They experience tragedies and lose important jobs or the ones that they love. And yet they heal, they grow, they grieve and experience transformations that they never thought possible.

I am learning to hold space for others. I have a great reverence for those that I read for. All of us are changing all the time and opening one door for the better can start opening more doors in the right direction. Sometimes when its really sunny out and the wind is blowing and it feels like about eighty degrees. Well, I don’t know how to explain it but if I am having a lot on my plate, well for a moment I think the weather is mocking me.

It’s like so beautiful and yet there I am catching myself on the pity pot. That’s when I say to myself “Listen to nature, listen to the weather, listen to Spirit and connect to Source.” Then I examine the weather again and feel grateful. I am so blessed to be here in this lifetime. Right here and right now I choose to be blissful in the moment.