Health Prediction

When I heard the word cancer the first time I was terrified. I was taken by surprised. I was almost insulted. I thought how can it be that I did not see this coming to my life? to my body? what went wrong with my positive gratitude attitude? Where did I go so bitter to invite such horror illness into my life? but most of all I really wished to find some great confident fearless psychic that will tell me straight to my face if I am dying or not?

if it worth fighting or should I simply get ready to say my goodbyes to the universe and all. Surprisingly enough even my own students whom I teach a touch of daring and clearness, could not really face this question without doubts and hesitations.

It is an unwritten rule between psychics to remind all their clients they are not professional doctors to make health readings and expect to be taken completely seriously. On one hand, the ethics suggest that you can’t take this responsibility to others life without being certificated to it properly and conventionally.

On the other hand, it’s about self-confidence and be sure enough that when you blast your client with some news good or bad, you better be accurate completely or avoid facing such readings. And in most places that hire psychics, you will be warned to make sure you are giving responsible readings so you better not deal with living or dying issues. With all that in hand, there is absolutely almost no psychic that will deal with the most urgent question.

I was in such darkness I could not trust my cards to tell me anything objective enough or that I will actually listen to it. I am after that battle today, but I remember promising myself that if I know anything about my profession it is my trust and confidence in the way I can read for others and my main goal will be to find people like me and give them that very reading because the not knowing drove me practically nuts. After all, psychics are like that, they are knowers they work in knowing.

I gave readings to my neighbors in hospital beds while I had to stay there for treatment. I read the tarot for two women who were terrified expecting results of medical tests, I gave predictions about outcomes of surgery and happily it was all good news. If it was negative news would I say so? Certainly I would because the case of me being wrong and sending someone for extra medical testing is nothing compared to them being late on diagnosis and treatment. I am well aware that this is a very provocative saying that puts me in a dangerous spot. I have been rejected by event planners for groups because they fear I will give bad news to their guests on vacation.

However, I feel deeply that during my job as a guide for better managing life it is my responsibility to do so. No, I am not an authorized MD titled, No I did not spend years in medical school, but my tools are never the less accurate in so many fields that I must grant them credit.

Card reading is like a traffic light, it tells you when the light is green or when it’s red. I trust it in regard to health issues we all should do the same because our physical health is a part of our being just like our feelings hopes and desires. If your psychic is professional enough he or she would know how to present you with the answer and might even provide the solution. For many years I never supported fear-mongering and when bad news was involved I did not stop providing my clients with suggestions. May we all have mostly good news to give and get.