Healing in the Redwood Forest

A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed to get to visit The Redwood Forest in northern California.  I have made this trip several times, and each time I look forward to it with the excitement of a child.  A redwood tree is a spectacular specimen and is known to carry healing energy within its immense trunk.

The trees gather energy from the earth, sky and even the humans visiting the forest.  You can feel the energy the moment you enter their domain. Throughout history, humans have used trees in many ways to heal.  They utilized the bark, the sap and even needles to make potions to heal.  We have ceremonies, rituals and achieve solitude from them.

I myself cannot think of a more spiritual place than in the Redwood Forest.  As a child, those trees captured my imagination and drew me to them. The positive energy and magic carried in those trees have fascinated human beings as long as we have shared the earth. I too am bewitched and overwhelmed by the beauty of the redwood trees.  When I set off into the forest it seems as if, I am on a religious pilgrimage.

As I walk: I touch, hug and feel my way through the woods.  I hike until I feel a strong energy and I lay down flat on the floor of the forest underneath those magnificent trees.  I looked up into the canopy of the trees and the energy made me feel dizzy, I gathered myself and prepared to take in as much positive energy as I could pull in.  This positive energy will help me to do readings, heal and bring light to others.

I hope that you are taking the time to hug a tree, gather some positive energy and play in nature.  Our busy lives can drain our energy making us feel depleted, a walk in the woods, by the ocean or in a city park can rejuvenate and bring us back to life.  Get out there and hug a tree, you will feel better for it.