Healing in the Red Rock

Recently my husband and I took a trip to Sedona to meditate in the vortices there.  This is a trip that we have taken often in the past.  This time it had more meaning.  My husband has been diagnosed with cancer and we have been trying to live and experience as many spiritual adventures as possible.  We packed our bags and were on our way. 

We headed to Cathedral rock to check it out.  We meditated and filled ourselves with the air and positive energy that surrounded us.  Laying on the red ground, giggling together like children.  It seemed to be working we were giddy at being in the desert. Then we were off to Bell rock where the vortex is said to be electrical and of masculine energy.  We found the beauty of the area to be enchanting and we had a different reaction there.  With our meditation came a quiet, healing energy.  We took in the beauty and just let the earth heal.

Sedona always calms the soul, gives special experiences and seems to enrich relationships.  We have had some of our most mystical, wonderful experiences there.  There have been stories of alien ships, ancient civilizations and ghosts.  All I know is when I am there, my meditations are expansive, as expansive as the Arizona skies. We also took a moment in the Church of the Red Rocks, what a wonderful visit.

The clouds built up over the red rock and it sprinkled on us, we sat and just enjoyed the view and felt alive in the rain.  I hope that each of you tries to touch your spiritual side, it is an important part of healing.  Our trip not only helped heal our heart, souls and bodies, but it also brought us closer together.