Healing in Divisive Times

Being in the world in divisive times for me these last few days have been difficult ones. I am here as a sensitive psychic. The world and in particular the mindset in our country seems to be one of polarities.

I am deeply saddened for Heather Heyer who was mowed down in Charlottesville by a white supremacist, She was a bold woman who had a voice for those who had none. This is a time when like-minded people should come together and open up our heart space.

It was frankly shocking and ghastly to see people marching with Tiki torches bearing Nazi regalia chanting “blood and soil” “Jew will not replace me” and awful things spoken by people who feel disenfranchised, hateful, fearful and otherwise unenlightened. I am incensed that our president had such a frighteningly weak response to this horrible event.

He blamed “many sides” and in a later press release “both sides” for that terrible event that took the life of a peaceful protester. Take a moment now to breathe deeply and relax. When you are ready send healing energy to her family and fellow protesters who witnessed this awful event. If you feel so motivated send love and healing to those standing up for others, those who are willing to protest and speak out for the rights of all people.

It is easy to close our hearts to those who are walking in different shoes. It is easy to say because of these people (fill in the blanks) I am not being given the opportunities that are my birthright. It’s crucial that we do all the inner work on our own selves to keep from falling into the trap of blaming others for our own life experiences.

It’s a great time to send love and healing energy to all of those in your circle. I believe these kinds of events imprint on sensitive people and it is important to cleanse destructive energy from our etheric bodies. It’s a great time to put some lavender under your pillow at night and to hold rose quartz close to your heart.

Rose oil (make sure its the real deal) can be used for encouraging love, healing and protection. This kind of energy is a heavy, draining energy that is painful to our hearts and spirits. It’s important to heal and comfort your body, mind and soul and to reach out to those you love and care for sending healing energies and protecting each other by spreading white light and cleansing our auras. Sage may be smudged on you, your friends and your personal living space.

Salt may be used to cleanse crystals and environment. I thought that it might be helpful to go over some simple methods for self-care and simple methods for reaching out to others that may be feeling the heavy energy that is all around us. Pay special attention to the heart chakra for empathy and the throat chakra for speaking your mind.