Healing Cetaceans

A cetacean is a marine mammal.  The category includes whales, dolphins and porpoises.  I feel an affinity with these animals. They are very intelligent and appear in spirit during readings and healing sessions.    These species are known to be advanced in terms of their spiritual development.  There is actually an entire healing modality that is based on the energy of dolphins, called simply “Dolphin Healing.”

This method involves calling on the spirits of the dolphins and asking them for help.  Dolphins intuitively know how to send healing energy.  There is a story of a woman who was having an underwater birth off of a tropical coast.  She had a very long labour, and a dolphin swam up to her.  The dolphin came very close and tapped her belly with its nose, and the birth proceeded quickly and successfully after the dolphin encounter.

So what did the dolphin do?  I believe the dolphin sent healing to this woman, helping her to relax and helping the birthing process.  That doesn’t mean of course that all wild dolphins are going to be friendly, but as a species, I do believe they are advanced spiritually. Our spiritual growth happens as we begin to recognize that we are more than our body alone.  We realize that we are made up of energy, and our consciousness that is capable of more than we ever thought possible.   We begin to also recognize that all of life shares these traits.

All life is made up of energy.  All life possesses a form of consciousness.   Dolphins and whales know these things.  They already know that they are more than their body.  They astral travel and enter other dimensions.  I have a healer friend who refers to the “Golden Dolphins” when she performs healing for others.  She can see dolphins in spirit appearing in golden light and offering healing. You can actually bring healing to yourself by calling on the help of the dolphins and whales in Spirit.  They bring energies of love and compassion and happiness.  The whales have a very gentle energy, and the dolphins share joy and happiness, helping to lift our spirits.

You can ask them for help with anything in your life – to help you recover from let down, to help you to find a better job, for example.  You can call on them even if you just need some cheering up.  They are happy to help.   Cetaceans are intelligent, wise and compassionate beings.  It’s nice to know that we can connect with them on a spiritual level, and feel their support.