Have you lost Focus?

Focus is a very important tool in getting what you want.  Whether it is a job or love, you must be focused and know what you want.  I tell people to focus and hold what they want next to their heart.  I see people wandering and searching all the time without a goal or any idea of where they are going.  It is a good idea to take the time to figure out exactly what it is you really want.  When I need to focus, I find the time to meditate.   I take my crystal ball and my Egyptian stones with me when I set off to the beach to meditate.

For my meditations, I love to hear the waves and feel the ocean mist in my face.  I like to sit facing the sun and feel the warmth of the sand or rock beneath me.  I raise my face to the sun and start to breathe.  In with a long breath and exhaling the air until my lungs can’t blow any more air out.  Then in again.

I walk down to a green grassy field in my imagination, climbing down further and further until I relax and reach my trance or a state of relaxation.  While in this relaxed state I turn my mind to what it is I desire.  I also investigate why I want it and what will I have to do to achieve my goal or wish.  I pull my focus onto this one thing, putting my mental and physical being into feeling what I want.   I wrap up my hopes and desires and put them, all wrapped up in light next to my heart.  Let the rays from that light spread from your heart throughout your being.

Surround yourself in your own love rays. With the meditation done, I bring myself back and will make an affirmation to say out loud.  For the next few days, I will make sure that I am focused in my meditations and will repeat my affirmations, always taking positive steps in the direction I want to head. Do not let any obstacle deter you, let the challenges make you more determined.  If you need to refocus it is just fine to do so.  Meditate – focus – success!