Happily never after

We all want that perfect relationship; the fairytale, prince charming and Cinderella.  Women dream of the big white wedding, walking down the isle on your daddy’s arm, the man of your dreams standing at the end of that isle lovingly staring at you walking toward him, anxiously waiting to hear those words, “I now pronounce you Husband and Wife, What God has brought together let no man pull asunder”.  Then the honeymoon starts and it’s wonderful and the two of you are happily talking about and daydreaming of your happily ever after.

Then as suddenly as it started as you’re “happily ever after”, it turns out to be your “baffling never after.”  This has become your worst nightmare coming out into reality.

We have high expectations of what we want and we don’t want to bend or accept the fact that the person we married is human with real human baggage like us.  We tend to put that person on a pedestal the way we put our parents on one.  We see them as safe and perfect. But come on every one that is not realistic.  You have to accept the person they are and work your life around them together.  It’s a two way street, each accepting their role and responsibility to making this new union work; before or after marriage.  Even Shrek the Ogre even learned and continues to learn these lessons and how hard they are, however hard it may you have to stay in the ring till you get it right and that will never happen; Life  and love is a lifetime lesson we go out knowing more than what we came in with.

You don’t always have to feel the gaga love for your partner and sometimes you love to hate them; “love and hate” are the operative words here.  As long as you know that deep in your heart you are in love with them no matter what transpires in your life together that you finding the answers together is ok and it’s ok to be weak at times and if there is no answer that is ok too, as long as you learn to “bother each other till death do you part.”