Gut Feeling

The Dance of the Heart and Gut Instinct Chaperoned by the Wise Mind

People come to me with issues between their partners and matters of the heart. Often times it is about a relationship where the chemistry between the couple has cooled and they want to get back that mojo. Obstacles to spiritual/ emotional/intellectual well being may include an ex that they cannot forgive or forget.

Sometimes cords between lovers hearts who are hurting the other’s self-esteem need to be cut. Sometimes it is hard to see through the third eye because you are in the middle of a situation and its difficult to step back and gain perspective. When you listen to your heart (which speaks the language of emotions and is ruled by the element of water) and you listen to your gut instinct (intuition) whose element is earth have your wise mind be the mediator. The wise mind speaks the language of thought and is ruled by the element of air.

Let the wise mind initiate a conversation with the other parts of your spiritual self. Write down the conversations. This assists troubled couples in uncovering the role each person is playing in the dance of love.

There are karmic patterns that are repeated again and again and people ask “why am I experiencing this yet again and how do I learn this lesson so I don’t repeat it.”   Questions that I like to ask myself include what does my heart and gut say about past and present relationships.

Was my heart telling me that this was love at first sight? Was my gut telling me to beat a hasty retreat? Was my heart under the impression that this was my soulmate, my twin flame?

How did that square with my gut instinct? Did the relationship feel like it was meant to be and that your two hearts were beating as one very soon after you met each other?.

This is an incredible feeling called limerence and it occurs in the first stage of love, however, it is a biochemical phenomenon that changes to mature love or otherwise to separation or unhappiness. Was my gut warning me to slow down? Does your new love like your friends and your family or did he try to isolate you?

Perhaps were you both so caught up in the other that there was no time to spend socializing with anyone else. Cords or attachments can be a positive thing yet when the other lets down the mask of perfection, when you’re moving into a more mature love or moving apart from each other cords can catch us up with feelings of abandonment or feelings of being smothered or hindered. So listen to your heart but temper it with your intuition.

Your wise mind has the ability to work together with your heart and gut to create a loving spiritual union.