Guides and Angels

Life is a Journey, a discovery, an uncovering of hidden things, a taste of many dishes.I cannot change my life the past has gone and the future yet to be. The present is here with me, in fact, it is the only thing that is. Old loves are gone, traveling on another path. Everything living sometimes dies. Life is not easy. It is full of struggles. Also full of promise that sometimes bears fruit and sometimes only waiting and sadness. And I have known joy, I am not complaining. My love of Gaia, our mother earth fills me both with laughter and with tears, she gives so much to people, and yet it seems as a species we are in a race to the bottom. We are using her resources, her bounty in ways that are unsustainable. The way I cope with that is to do one good thing that nourishes the earth each day.  

I have been blessed with a full life, and that is true of many that I read for…yet we long for everlasting love and connection with those who care. Those without monetary abundance dream of windfalls and easy riches. Those seeking romance sometimes find their princes are only frogs. Those with money are weighed down working to protect it. Those with children question whether they will raise them right. Those without children wish they had them. We are all human. Our guides and Angels are always here, waiting to help us along the way, when the path is lonely or hard our guides and angels are here to lift us up.

Our guides communicate with the best of us, they help us to discover our purpose here. They help to point us in the right direction and if we are lost and alone our Angels are there to help encourage us. They are here to help us pick up the pieces when we falter or lose our way. I am here today listening to my guide Maribel, she is helping me to be loving, to be kind, to be forgiving especially forgiving to myself, my spirit. Maribel is always here for me, she never leaves, she reminds me to hold the space for others when they cannot hold it for themselves. My Maribel reminds me that we are connected, always connected to Spirit and Source. We are part of all that is, the sun, the trees, the moon, the ocean, those who have come before us, and those who are not yet born. We are connected to the four-leggeds, and to the fish that swim, we are connected to the ocean, we are connected to the plastic that fills it up with dead spaces miles long. We are connected. Our guides and Angels connect with us to lighten our loads. They are here to comfort us and make us strong. They are here to let us know that we are forever connected to Spirit and Source