Guardian Angels

Tonight  I was pondering the idea of Guardian Angels.  Every since I was a child I knew I had angels that watched out for me.  Spirits that guided me….I even chanted a prayer, “Angel of God, my guardian dear to whom god’s love commits me here.  Ever this day be at my side, to light, to guard, to rule and guide”.

I never had the feeling that I was going through this journey alone.  These are the guides I talk to, the ones that make sure I’m safe and the ones that keep me positive even when the going gets tough. I remember watching cartoons with good and bad guardian angels.

I was always baffled by them, as I never had any experience with a bad guardian angel.  As I grew and temptation became a part of my life, I started to understand that concept of good vs. evil.  Positive vs. Negative.  Wrapping myself in the protective positive was always my skill. I thought everyone knew who their guides were, I always knew who was with me.  I can remember even as a child there were guardians….they spoke to me in my head.  Even now, I know my guides by name, who they are and which one helps me in which department.

I never felt buckled in by one, I feel that all the souls that leave before us are there to help as well.  I know that Father Joe helps me with the big needs, Arthur Lake helps me with my cards and stones and JT helps me in love and matters of emotion.   It all seems so natural and normal to me.

Do you use guides, are you familiar with your guardian angel, did you grow up with these concepts?  When I am doing my readings, I always look to my spirit guides.  When I need the extra prayer offered up I look to the angels.  Remember trust and belief will carry you and can lead to manifestation of what you dream of.