Group Prayer

As I watched Hurricane Irma rolled in I thought about all the souls about to be hit with the storm.   I know how important group energy and prayer can be,. I urge everyone to join energy to help.

I then was hit with my own personal storm.  My 94-year-old mother fell and broke her hip today.  Once again the first thing I did was ask my family and friends to break out the group energy and prayers.  I am in awe of what this energy can do. 

We now have to keep our energy focused in the direction that it is needed.  If we join together we are powerful.  Remembering to keep our energy strong and not let adversity or others bring our energy down.  I ask again that we all bring our energy together to help our country to survive all that it is going through now.  I believe with focus and the group that we can help repair what is going on.  Please pull your light and energy together to help us help ourselves.