Grief, Joy & Remembrance

Life is temporary, a process of life, death and rebirth. Impermanence is a wise Buddist concept that agrees with me.  2019 was an eventful year. I moved to  Seattle but kept a country getaway and I travelled with friends to MT Hood Hot Springs. This natural place fills me with reverence for Ghaia.

I started my radio show and deepened my connection with friends. Climate change brought Hurricane Harvey in Florida, Hurricane Irma in Texas and Hurricane Maria in Peurto Rico. It was a year of tremendous forest fires in California with wine country especially damaged and other areas damaged severely. I sat with a shaman from  Peru who helped me to deepen my connection to all life on the planet. I lost a friend of thirty-five years partly because of political differences.  Spiritual corruption must not go unnoticed lest we all become numb to the carnage. Once you destroy the garden there is no do-over.

I am experiencing this year of 2020 with sorrow in my heart. I learned on New Years my brother died from cancer discovered in stage four. We had a falling out and perhaps this karmic imprint will follow us into future lifetimes. I am sending him love, forgiveness and remembering of joyful times. He passed around my birthday two months ago. He was a Buddist and was coming up upon his 100th-day celebration when the soul left the body. And so begins again the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. I am taking some time to attend his celebration, connect with those that knew him well, and send him blessings on his journey. I plan on clearing out any clutter in my aura while nourishing my spirit.  Buddhist cosmology typically identifies six realms of rebirth and existence. The six realms include the God realm where one experiences all the pleasures of life without negativity. Many Buddhists aspire to rebirth in this realm.

There is the Jealous God realm where there is a lot of fighting with those in the God realm and a lot of anger towards human beings. This is manifested in the form of natural disasters. The human realm is being reborn as a human being. These are the three realms with positive attributes. The darker realms include the animal realm, the hungry ghost realm of unfulfilled desire, and the hell realm. None of these realms are permanent, life is everchanging. I will be going to my brother’s Celebration Ceremony where I will celebrate his life and say goodbye.