On this Winter day I am grateful for chocolate, Netflix, fuzzy socks, being able to help others, hot showers, finding money in my pocket that I put there weeks ago and forgot about it, my family, my good health, and my friends. For some years now I have had a personal practice of every night before going to sleep I write down or in my head run through all the things I am grateful for from that day that has just past or the days before and then I think and dream about all the things I am looking forward to in the future. All things known and unknown.

It has been clear for some time now the benefits of Gratitude. One is how much I feel a difference in seeing more of the abundance that surrounds me instead of focusing on the lack. And the more I am grateful for the more things arrive to be grateful for. Recently I started a gratitude group with a few friends every day we message each other and to share the things we are grateful for. I have been surprised by how reading the things others are grateful for brings me joy. Another thing to add to my gratitude list