God of Chaos – Seth

When I pull my ancient Egyptian stones and I draw Seth, it tells me many things.  The stone that represents Seth and the concept of Seth show chaos, feeling overwhelmed and there needs to be order brought back into life.  Drama, feeling like everyone and everything is falling apart is a part of the scenario.

I would recommend letting go of fear and negativity, that will begin to steer you back and onto the correct path.  Often with chaos comes change, embrace this change and go with the flow.  With the flow, like the Nile, can bring abundance and prosperity.

Holding onto this drama and negativity on the other hand will keep stagnancy and will hold you back.  If I draw Seth representing a person, I am not usually seeing the positive.  I can see trouble, conflict and most of all fear.

If you are involved with someone who is showing fear, they only thing you can do is be fair to the person, gain their trust and show love.  If those things do not work, it may be necessary to step away from what is happening.

Meditation can bring peace to those who are wrapped up in or have been presented with chaos.  I would recommend a quiet place that you can get away from everyone.  In your meditation, put a barrier up that will repel the chaos from you.  Repeat this affirmation out loud “Out of the chaos will come creativity and balance”