Getting your ex back

Back to the swamp of dead romance.  I see so often people become miserable in relationships then have a terrible breakup. One year later they are still asking the psychic if they will get back together with that person. The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill meaning you might remember the good times of your past relationship but you forgot the misery that went along with it.

There comes a time where we all need to move on and use those past relational experiences as training for the lover we are destined to spend our life with. If you’re holding out to try and get back with an ex for a year how many times did fate try and push someone on your path that would have been a life long lover but because you’re obsessed with your ex you missed it. Humans were not made to be alone, we were made to be together.

The truth is all star signs can go together some may be more compatible with others that’s up for debate.

The truth is unless our heart is open and we are ready to move we can very easily miss maybe the greatest experience of love that is set before us. Once a relationship is over its very hard to reignite the flame not impossible but very hard there is so much hurt and pain surrounding the situation it is like a room full of gas just waiting for someone to light a match entering into another painful breakup.

By the time a year has passed if you manage to get back with your ex your are both such different people that what attracted you in the first place is long gone and given way to a new person with new experiences. Give yourself permission to move on and approach life with an open heart because new love is seeking you out.