Geb the God of Earth

I have acquired Egyptian Stones in an auction and they came in a box that was full of tarot cards, Egyptian artifacts and books about ancient Egyptian Gods. I ended up feeling connected to the man whose belongings I acquired. In fact I ended up researching about him and found out that he was a psychic, astrologer and an ancient Egypt scholar.

I have studied Egyptian Gods and my stones for almost two years while I have been practicing. They have now become a part of me and I find them helpful with my readings.

There are 25 stones that help with personal vision, development and growth. Most of the stones are related to ancient Egyptian Gods and their attributes. Each stone gives you knowledge about yourself and I use them in both my readings and meditations.

Geb is the God of Earth. He represents ecology, nourishment and authority. He embodies the earth. The Egyptians believe that Geb provided the fruits of the earth to sustain us. When I see Geb in a reading I get messages that the person that I’m working with needs to work on eating better, getting out for walks in nature and there are signs to let them know that they need to work on grounding themselves. We all need to remind ourselves that moderation, taking care of ourselves and self growth are important. For those looking for love it reminds us that our self care makes us not only healthier but also interesting to others. In addition, self care not only entails good eating and exercise, but also includes enriching your soul with things that you love.

Try to find your passions and live them.

Your interests end up being what draws or connects another person to you.

Geb would remind us that nurturing our roots is what makes us blossom. We must love and take care of ourselves to be able to extent our energies to others.

Geb also shows signs and messages to leave behind negative thinking, being dishonest to yourself or others and losing limiting relationships or habits. Grasping on to positive energy, thoughts and actions is what paves the way for our roots to be in soils that will help you flower. Geb tells us the importance of the positive to keeping flow and growing into the people we are meant to be.

In meditating with Geb, I picture my roots and pull in the positive earth energy right up into my body. This meditation works for me to switch negative feelings for the positive energy that helps me move forward in manifestation or aiming for what I want or where I’m going.

I also use the following: “I bring healing from the earth and bring it into myself,” which is an affirmation with Geb.