The times that we live in are moving very fast. As a species, we are quite close to the brink of extinction. We are close to a nuclear war. Our oceans are polluted and opportunistic and undesirable species are flourishing. Examples of such life forms include jellyfish, algae and escaped Atlantic Salmon that are genetically modified. The species that are native to an area, desirable species, are diminishing in number as their habitats are becoming more and more unlivable. Such species include King Salmon and Chum Salmon, Chinook Salmon for example.

But fish of all kinds including red snapper, cod, halibut and sole are greatly diminishing in numbers. Take some time now to send love and distance healing to our oceans. Send prayers and thanks to Gaia our mother earth who sustains us and feeds us. She is being greatly taxed by the folly of humans.

Our oceans are overheated by as much as five degrees Fahrenheit off of the gulf coast of Mexico due to global warming and poisoned or toxic because of all the pollution. In fact, Gaia is so full of jellyfish because of the overheated oceans. Jellyfish thrive in warm conditions If you think of the oceans from a shamanic perspective, that the oceans are living entities it’s apparent that the oceans need our help if they are going to remain to live. In the North Pacific, there is an area the size of Texas that is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

It is an island of plastic that is killing fish and birds as they swallow bits of the plastic that is indigestible. For fish and humans alike these huge amounts of plastic are full of lead and cadmium and mercury. Other toxins poisoning Gaia’s once lovely oceans include BPA’s which interfere with human hormonal regulation.  Hurricanes are more severe when our oceans are warmer. The overheating of the oceans doesn’t just affect the oceans.

As you may surmise the melting of arctic glaciers is killing polar bears, penguins and other creatures. The overheated oceans give rise to hurricanes that are more severe though less frequent. It can be seen as our Gaia communicating her fury with our lack of respect for the planet, her oceans and glaciers, her life-sustaining atmosphere, her animals and plants and finally our own self-destructive actions that are putting everything in peril. Do something small every day that helps the web of life and notice how it makes your spirit soar.