Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th, many years ago, started an unexpected cycle of change in my life.  I was involved in a car accident that would change the way I would think about everything.  I already had a basis and an understanding of metaphysics even as a young child.   But with this accident came seeing auras, experiencing hypnosis and working with a very talented group of people.  It started a look inside myself that continues to this day.  My mind opened and I left what wasn’t working in my life.  I found love, have experienced more joy than one could imagine.  Of course, it comes with life’s ups and downs, but how you approach your situation, your mindset determines how you handle things.

Today I choose to live my life day to day, moment to moment, I stop to smell the roses, kiss my husband and to enjoy the flavour of life.  I love to help and when I chat with you, I give my all to help you with your situation. Needless to say, I don’t see Friday the 13th as a bad day.  It is like when I see the Death card when I’m doing a reading.  It is the shedding and renewal.  It is the cycle of life.  The ebb and flow.  A fresh start, a change and it can be the change that brings on a new better chapter of your life.  Never fear change, instead step into it with positive energy and joy.  Learning and experiencing each moment with love. Here’s to not fearing change.