The power of forgiveness in relationships is so great. As a psychic many times I have had a vision of a snake wrapped around a person called bitterness. It squeezes the life out of them and destroys there friendships because they hold grudges and refuse to forgive. When you forgive your partner, friend or relative your releasing yourself and them at the same time of the perceived wrong that has been done to you.

I see so many people who are so negative and bitter over small things that have happened that could have been resolved years before if forgiveness was given over the situation. Forgiveness is not earned it’s a gift we can give and it keeps us healthy. I see people who have so much unforgiveness they get physically sick and tired because they are holding on to all that emotional energy. As a psychic, I will always give the best advice according to what my spirit guide tells me for someone. I will never plead and beg someone to forgive but some times I feel like doing so.

My Grandmother was a biter woman. She had a falling out with her family over inheritance in the 1940s and refused to forgive and bitterness overtook her. She lived until 2000 and in 60 years she never spoke once to her family. When my grandfather was on his death bed dying of cancer he told the staff that he no longer want to see her and not to let her in. She had no friends and no one liked her.

When she passed that was the legacy she left the world with. What legacy will you leave the world with? Will people remember you as a person who was a great friend and put a smile on peoples faces or a bitter twisted person that they probably would rather not think about. The choice is in our hands and hearts as to how we influence the people in our lives.