Finding your Voice

The air quality in the west is poor due to huge forest fires in British Columbia. The sky is puffy thick and whitish-grey with smoke. It’s amazing that we breathe air every day and take it for granted. A close friend and fellow psychic suggested we get away and go south to beautiful MT Hood Oregon. Time for a day of replenishing body, mind and soul. Time for letting go of anything that gets in our way.

I notice in my readings that people who intentionally commune with nature are better connected to Source. We set out on our journey enjoying a wide expanse of the open road. Wildflowers lined the trail and the bees had blooms every color of the rainbow to choose from. The drive was stunningly beautiful and my friend’s daughter was in the back of the vehicle with my little dog Brewster.

Together they were really getting off on the spectacular sights, sounds and signs of nature. Gaia, our dear mother earth was revealing her secrets and we were all listening intently. I could feel my heartbeat connecting with the rhythm of life. My friend was snapping pictures of the many forms of nature such as tree roots and giant trees, waterfalls and rivers including the awesome hot springs, the plants and flowers, the rocks and crystals, the birds and the dragonflies, the squirrels.

It was a magical time, an auspicious time of sharing together in nature with friends. This is a way to heal the spirit, a way of unwinding from technology and the hectic aspects of modern life. It’s important that we be custodians of nature, that we care for this secret, out of the way places that are still left.

I hold these places deep in my heart. These sacred spaces help us to get in touch with our heart energy. Walking on the trail being surrounded by natural forest energy is dynamic. The wildfires have the power to change the landscape and life forms in the blink of an eye.