So often we are disappointed by our own family not wanting to spend time with us or even acknowledging us. As much as it saddens us we should try not to take so much to heart that they are the only people in our lives that can give us love. I have found through the years that when my own family has pushed me away that God has provided other people in my life that filled that void. These people have encouraged me and blessed me beyond measure. Blood is not always thicker than water.

I feel like God’s divine plan was to have us enter this world and our family is the one He felt would be best to do that. But it is not always true that family continues to love us unconditionally on our journey in life. I know for me it was a split over mostly religion and finding my own way which has led me to some great people in my life. While your family will always love you, it does not always mean you can rely on them to be there when you need someone most as sad as that is my advice on this as it hits close to my own heart.

Don’t beat yourself up but be joyful in the season that you are in now with positive people surrounding you. Be with those that crave your company and love your flaws and all. One day your family will look back and have regrets, but you won’t because you were always there waiting for their return. At the same time, you did not stop your life and enjoyed the blessings that were all around you in this season of life:) I also like to look at it as I am a strong and independent woman and my parents do not feel I needed them as much as my siblings do. I am able to handle life on my own terms and thankfully with the grace of God! Just remember that what you go through makes you a better person and you can change all of this dysfunction when you have your own family one day. Be the best mother or father you can be!