False Illusions

Psychics can’t make someone love you. If you have an ex we cant perform a spell to make them fall in love with you again. You might want that person in your life again really badly. A good psychic won’t lie and sugar coat. If there is no way back the psychic will see it’s over.

The bottom line is, you can try and twist a psychic’s arm all you like to get them to lie and say your ex is coming back but a good psychic will hold their ground and tell you the truth. You can disagree with the reading all you want but if it turns out to be true that is just the way it is.

No potion or spell from a gypsy will change anything. Some times the truth is hard to hear but you have to hear it to move forward and find happiness in your life. It’s worth following the reader’s advice.

Or you can hold on to your lie and see that there will not be a change and you will be disappointed for years to come as your ex-lover does not return.