Falling in and out of Love

No matter how much you enjoy being alone at times or even being single, no matter how introverted you are, you still need human connection in your life. There comes a point for everyone where they crave the feeling of being in love and being loved. 

Some think there is only One potential love but the truth is, there are lots of people we can be compatible with, in fact we could be compatible with most people IF we could align ourselves to our true self, our inner being, which shows up in feeling good about ourselves, life and others. 

You know the days when you are just happy and everything seems to come together in a perfect way and nothing can upset you and you notice that you find everyone beautiful and loveable. That is your true alignment, where you managed to close the gap between who you are and who you are letting yourself to be. Because the true you feels this way about things, situations and other people. Your true self feels nothing but love towards other beings. So if you can get into that state and if you could stay there forever, you could easily live with and love anyone. But that is never the case for us human beings. We fall in and out of love because we fall in and out of alignment. 

Falling in love -in most cases- is nothing else but finding reasons, conditions in a relationship with someone and about that someone that puts you in a state of alignment. In a state of feeling joy and love. And because you made it conditional, it is doomed to come to an end. Unconditional love could last forever, though. But if you are falling in love with someone because of how they look, what they do or say (and normally this is the case), you are making it all conditional. You should ideally get into that being-in-love state without any conditions, without your partner having to look a certain way or do/say certain things. You should get into the state of feeling love (for yourself and others) because it makes you feel good and you enjoy it. No other reason should evoke this feeling in you. And if that is the case, it can last forever. And one day when your partner does not look, act that way anymore, does not say or do those things anymore that made you fall in love, your love still remains for yourself and for your partner. That could be true and everlasting love.