Essential Oils for the Holidays

I am a user of essential oils in my daily life, I love them.  With the holiday season coming, there are 3 very important essential oils I will be diffusing into the air for mood control.  Peppermint is an all-time favourite for the holidays.  I use peppermint to add spirit, joy and bring the positive into our home.  I love the way it clears the air, adds the holiday smell and it lifts the spirits.  When guests arrive to the smell of peppermint, you can see the happiness in their eyes. There is the traditional Myrrh, I love this earthy essential oil.

“The Oil of Mother Earth”.  It encourages nurturing, love and healing.  What better way to bring in the holiday season?  I always feel like I need some extra nurturing during the holidays, Myrrh is like giving yourself a hug.  I love Myrrh essential oils when I am doing healing work, it brings calm, peace and an overwhelming feeling of wellness.  Love to use Myrrh with my meditations, it is grounding and reminds us to give ourselves a base of positive.

That brings us to my favourite essential oil to use during the holidays……Frankincense.  I love it, the smell, the feeling and the meaning of it.  It is the “Oil of Truth”.  It helps let go of the lower vibrations, the negative and the stress.  The aroma of Frankincense takes us to our spiritual place, the place where we meet our inner self and the divine.  It is there where we can achieve peace, the peace that we need for the season.  Be proactive in your mood health.  If you haven’t give essential oils a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how they will help you. Stay tuned for more tips on how to survive the holidays, healthy, happy and with joy!