Today I pull the Egyptian stone Hathor to start the day.  This stone represents destiny, love, dance and music.  It tells us to be joyful, enjoy life and remember to smell the roses.  Too often we take life to seriously.  When I pull this I see the message to lighten up.  I see dance, smell good food and have the urge to laugh.

Smiling and pulling the positive must be the prescription for the day. I used Alice in the photo for the blog because she represents all of those things to me.  Alice is the part of me that embraces who I am, my humour, my difference and my individuality.

I hope you embrace your inner goddess and let the gypsy in your heart take you to fun.  Dancing is wonderful for the soul, art can take us to unbelievable places and laughter can heal anything.  While I decorated and Alice took form, I let out all the joy I feel about the mysteries of life. Hathor says don’t hold back, instead move forward with wonder and the soul of an adventurer.  Feel your sensuality and express the celebration of being alive.

Restore, relax, laugh and find yourself.  Hathor supports you and protects your dreams.  Live them for she would tell you life is short. – Love Light Laughter – Aleon