Early Morning Awakening

I find early morning to be a deeply spiritual, truly peaceful time. It’s a great time to meditate, journal, walk in nature, take a stroll with your guides and angels. Pre-dawn wee hours transition into the dawn. I kiss sister moon goodbye for the day and welcome brother sun. In the early hours of the morning the world feels particularly peaceful. You can feel most of the people, young and old in the cities sleeping and dreaming.

As I fly above looking down at people sleeping in their bedrooms I notice that many of them are dreaming. Others appear to be sleeping deeply, soundly as though they are far away from ordinary life. Robins are catching earthworms for their young and singing summer songs. Several Paint mares are drowsy, still bleary-eyed. A couple of red Overos are scratching each others’ withers. laying down while two hang their heads standing with relaxed lower lips.

As it gets a little later the foals are nursing at the milk bar as their mothers nibble on alfalfa grass, Oat Grass carrots and Oregon blackberries with Warm Bran Mash. The symphony of singing frogs, the acrobatic tree frogs and the croaking hippopotamus Bullfrogs gives way to the coca-phoney of Jays. And the cooing of Morning Doves sends shivers up your spine. Mallard ducks quack and Canadian Geese fly in a V formation, of songbirds. If you look at the clouds in just the right light you can make out the snowy form of the winged horse Pegasus.

The Barn Owl family, on the other hand, are screeching and hooting in the wee hours of the early dawn. It’s a dicey time for young rabbits, field mice and squirrels. Here in the Pacific Northwest, A buck forages in summer on various and sundry tender stalks, fruit trees and vegetables. Deer really do freeze in headlights.

Sometimes Fairie folk comment to one another in the wee hour’s first opportunity When you’re ready, notice how comfortable you feel on a carpet of shamrocks at the edge of the meadow where the forest begins. Notice the smell of rose oil, so pure, so lovely, so essential. In your mind’s eye notice the roses in the country garden.

Some are an amber honey colour and others are magenta. There are velvety burgundy roses that smell like the breath of angels and creamy white roses as perfect as snowflakes.