Some people wake up from a dream, wondering if it had any significance to what is going on in their current life. Well, in some cases, yes it does, other times it may not have any ‘role’ in your life. I had a recent dream of 2 Indian coins magically appearing in my pockets and I felt like it was relating to money appearing in my life and attracting abundance.

The feelings of what you feel in the dream as well as the symbolic messages behind it, do play a part in your life. I took it as abundance/prosperity it is coming into my life soon. If you dream of an ex, it could mean that you two are thinking about each other. It could also mean that there is old residue from the past that is needing to be released. I can tell when I dream of something in the future, as it can feel very life-like, other times I can tell if I am dreaming of something that someone else is dreaming or feeling, I can also get a glimpse of people’s lives because they pop up.

When you dream of something of the future, you almost feel like you’re part of it, and you can almost feel yourself living that, even though you’re not physically there. So, I can understand when a premonition can appear, everyone has a different ‘feel’ for the meaning behind a scene in a dream or of something from the distant future. Some dreams are even memories from previous lives and it’s something you forget.

Dreams do play a huge part in my life and I do look for the signs, and the ‘feeling’ of what is in the dream, I pay attention to the details because they have a huge amount of information that can help me in this lifetime. Next time you go to bed at night, always keep a pen and paper handy near your bed or type out all the information. All details in a dream matter.