Dreaming of Houses

Did you know that the homes and rooms in your dreams are very significant to your conscious and subconscious mind? Messages you are trying to convey to ‘you’. Many times when we dream of being in a house is significant of what we are going through on a conscious and subconscious level. Especially if the house is not one that you recognize.

For instance, when we dream about being in the basement it is your subconscious mind in a dark hideaway place, not recognizable at times. If the basement comes across as being scary it is some feelings or emotions or thoughts you find scary and dark. Dreaming about the main level? It is your conscious mind, usually things that are going on daily at the moment.

When we dream about the second floor or an attic it is our super subconscious mind, higher consciousness and our spiritual nature. Also, it is important to take note of the type of house. If it is modern, it may represent a future and modern thinking. If it is old. it is all tested tried-and-true thinking.

Then we come to the rooms if you are dreaming about a bedroom- it is when you are needing some time to yourself may be some time to retreat or rest.

If you are dreaming about a bathroom whether it is in a house or not it is a place of release and it is also a place of cleansing. A kitchen represents food for thought. It is something that you might want to think about or something that you have been thinking about for some time. These are just the basics.

Many objects in the house, such as furniture, the type of food you might be eating, and even stairs represent a deeper meaning of your dream. Stairs can represent you need to climb or that you are rising above a situation.