Dream Interpretation

Dreams for me come in many forms. There are dreams where I am walking through a situation and sometimes years later arrive at that situation. In that case if it has turned out badly in the original dream I sort of step sideways; do something very different to the dream the outcome changes.

These dream warnings have helped me in so many ways. Dreams of a lover. Sometimes we dream of a perfect love. This man we may know, or not know, and that is often confusing.

Due to past lives we often dream of people we have been with before and because we are in a connection we will often see them where they are now. The dream will be intense because so much happen in a prior life that we want to move forward, and we wake up feeling lost without the other person.

We may have a familiar person in our dream. Someone we know in this life and this person, maybe married, or you may be married, and you feel so damn guilty but in the dream, it felt so good. Dreams are another level of reality and it just may be that this person, is meeting your needs. So what needs are they, what does the person you are dreaming about do for you.

Looking at that can help you analyze what is happening on your other level of life. And then, lol, there is the real thing. You know someone, there is an attraction, and one night you meet him on that astral level, have a wonderful night and both of you wake up remembering. This is far different than a warning dream this is a warm dream, a sea dream, a dream sent by the mother to affirm that you are yes, both of you, drawn to the other. How does this end? Usually with meeting, getting together, marrying.

It is all good. You have been fed by the cornucopia of life and life, and living is very good.