Doing Your Best

The world is full of advice!  Friends, family, the internet – everyone has an opinion.  There are always people who feel they know what is right for you.  Most of these people really mean well. But nobody will know what you truly need.  Only you can know that. It’s hard not to get angry at opinionated people sometimes.

Especially if they are relentless.  I’ve found it helpful in these moments to simply remind myself that “I am in charge” of my own choices, perceptions, and approach to life.  Other people’s words are just their opinion.

Nobody can speak for me. There are times, of course, where outside opinion is welcome and needed.  It’s good to know when you feel out of your depth and need another point of view, a sounding board, or professional opinion.  I can think of plenty of times that an outside opinion has saved the day for me.  And I’m so grateful!  Of course, even then, I know that I am the one who gets to make the call of what to do – I’m left with only my own discernment. So always stick with what you know in your gut is the right thing for you.  Because you are the expert of you.

When it comes down to it, you make the ultimate decisions – you decide what to think, feel and do. There’s never any need to apologize for that.  And once you make a decision, go forward with confidence, knowing that you’re doing the best you can.