Dog Teacher

I have been feeling a lot of interesting energy of late. I am really tuning into my canine rescue named Brewster. He has been guiding me to be sweeter to others, more patient and loving. He seems to balance me out and keeps me on track about what’s really important. I keep lavender under his doggie bed which really helps him to stay calm cool and collected and we always have one daily long walk. He is a Chiweenie which is a Weiner dog/Chihuahua cross.

He looks like a stretch version of a Chihuahua with slightly shorter legs. He is lovely red in color and is five years old now. He is a Scorpio just like one of my closest human friends. We were both living in a crowded apartment for a couple of years because it was a very noisy place with lots of unbalanced personalities. He was my security blanket and I was his. While we were there we never felt entirely at home.  He knew how to be my guide and my love. One of the things we went through when I first brought him home was that the rescue had sent me home with a very sick little guy.

Within three days of his homecoming, he had to go to the vet with an awful case of kennel cough. He has taught me so much about love and intuition. I have absolutely no regrets about his picking me to take him home. I went looking at fifteen dogs before I decided to bring Brewster home. A friend visiting from Texas rented a car and was getting tired of looking at dogs at three separate facilities. Seattle traffic is some of the worst in the country. Brewster is amazingly intuitive. I listen to his take on other people, he is 95% accurate. And I have learned to tune in to his canine brilliance.

One time we were on the bus with a creepy individual who gave me bad vibes. Dressed he was in all black with a black cowboy hat and a strong stare that made me feel queasy. A friend was on the bus, he was weirded out by this g. Something was unbalanced about him. He started talking to us Brewster was growling, not happy this fellow was talking to us. We were replying with one syllable answers. Well, the guy asked to pet Brewster and I stupidly said ok.

Brewster went into attack dog mode-not fighting but getting up close and personal barking trying to get the guy away from his humans and away from him. The guy said to us “that dog is smart, he should protect you from me”. He has never done anything like that before.he would lay his life down for me if it ever came to that. Listen to your four-leggeds – they are teachers. Now we live in a house in the country and a house in the city. About half and half. Brew just loves the change.