Recently I fell into a deep, and dark depression due to a significant stressor in my personal life. The bottom fell out of my world, and I thought my future as I knew it was over. My depression was invasive, and my thoughts were bleak. I stopped eating, stopped working, and did the bare minimum for my family in a haze of darkness.

Intuitively I knew that getting back to nature would be healing, so I started night walking again, going out to the beach, listening to the waves, seeing the stars above me glitter and shine. Connecting with nature and walking extensively for several hours, did have a therapeutic effect on my mind, and it calmed my brittle nerves.

A plan formed, and I was able to sort out where I was heading. Life is a series of roller coasters, and sometimes life events will shake your foundations. How you handle these tumultuous times is critical, as knowing you have the strength and fortitude within you, helps you begin the process of healing. When life throws you a curveball, always remember that nature will provide you with answers. Reconnecting with mother Earth, will ground you, and enable you to release anxiety.

It does take time, but after three hard days, I came back into the light, and feel grateful that I intuitively knew to head to the beach for healing. What helps you find you’re happy? Drop me a line and share your favorite places to rejuvenate your weary soul.