Defence Against Negative Energy

While being a lightworker and Master Psychic has many uplifting moments and experiences, it also has challenges and obstacles to overcome. One of those is the inevitable need to learn defence against negative energies and spirits. This weekend I have already dealt with cleansing several negative areas, a psychic vampire, and a physically anchored demon. While this influx of cleansing and spiritual warfare is unusual, it is expected with the current shifting of energies and awareness. When dealing with negative energies or beings, it is very important to not bite off more than you can chew and to make sure you are absolutely prepared for cleansing it completely and the challenge it can be.

There are also several methods of handling things, such as being able to completely cleanse an area with ease, but when dealing with energy or spirits anchored to physical bodies more caution has to be exercised. This is so because dealing with this energy or entity in a person could harm the host, or cause severe damage, so it better to have a skilled master carefully extract and contain it without causing harm.

However, when it comes to defending yourself there are many tactics, such as: Meditate and imagine yourself being cloaked in a bright white light that encompasses you and protects you from negativity. Wear protective stones such as Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Garnet, Obsidian, and Jasper.

Burn protective incense such as Cinnamon, Lavender, or Sandalwood. – Smudge the room that contains the negative energy with White Sage or Rosemary. – Draw the energy or entity of a piece of paper, draw a circle around it on the paper and then cross it out three times to rid yourself of it.

Ward a room with protective runes from any religion you favor, write these symbols on Bay Leaves and tape them to either side of each doorway in the area you want to be warded.

Wear Smokey Quartz to filter out any negative energy present within yourself. Knowing how to protect oneself is essential when doing spiritual work, and I always recommend doing daily clearing rituals on yourself or bedroom to ensure that you are only taking in good, clean vibrations and energy.