Dating on a Budget

Have you ever held back dating someone because financially you were in a bad spot? I know lots of people do. They use the excuse when I make more money I will put myself out there. But you know that thinking makes you lose out on some great dates and meeting new people.

I know for myself, even after 20 years of marriage that we get in a rut sometimes, but that does not hold us back from dating on a budget.   I have a few suggestions for that to get you back out there and enjoying dates without breaking the bank.

There are things like walks in the park with a picnic you can pack at home. Walking on the beach, Rollerblading, taking a drive to a romantic location, taking a hike, even watching a movie in the comfort of your own home with some popcorn. I know these all may sound a bit cheesy but just think of the long conversations you can have just being alone with this person and really getting to know them.

I would love to hear some more ideas to help others out there that struggle with this. Let’s get back to basics where money was not the controlling factor in finding love.