Dating during Covid

To quarantine with your partner is nice, but dating is hard. It was already not easy to find people when it was secure to be outside. Now it can be risky to do so. This makes it hard to find new people out there. But it is not impossible !! You still want to know other people and to date. You still want to have fun and not just be stuck in the house. You can find a person to date even during quarantine.

It is mostly virtual though.

You can join group chats with friends on different social media platforms. Just be patient and careful with whom to talk to.

You can have a virtual bind date. Yes you heard me. A virtual blind date that is set up by friends. Try it,  because it can be fun and interesting. You can video chat with the other person and be secure.

You can also check people who live near you with the help of some online applications like “azar.”But make sure that those applications are secure.

Just remember to have fun and be patient. What is meant to be will happen, even during quarantine. Nothing is impossible.