Each of crystal has its own unique properties or powers. These gifts from Spirit can be used to draw those energies into your life.

1. ROSE Quartz: Rose Quartz is calming and soothing. It attracts love, romance, friendship, and peace.

2. AVENTURINE: Aventurine is called the gambler’s stone. It attracts money, good luck, prosperity, and abundance.

3. TURQUOISE: Turquoise is a master healer of the spirit. Its energy is peaceful and comforting. It is a stone of guidance during uncertain times. Turquoise is protective and grounding as well.

4. AMETHYST: Amethyst is a stone of spirituality. It carries a high vibration. It promotes psychic awareness. It attracts peace and tranquility.

5. QUARTZ: Quartz energizes both the body and the mind. It is a stone of personal power. It brings clarity to thinking and facilitates communications. Quartz is a purifier and a healer.

6. TIGER EYE: Tiger Eye is grounding and practical. It attracts clarity. It can be used for problem-solving. Tiger Eye also attracts wealth and the wisdom to use it wisely.

7. HEMATITE: Hematite is a mineral for the mind. It enhances memory and creativity. It is grounding and protective. Hematite dissolves negative energy. It can be used to attract loving relationships.

8. ONYX: Onyx is a stone of balance and protection. It encourages self-control. It helps one to make wise choices. It attracts happiness and good luck. Onyx opens the door to new opportunities.

9. MOONSTONE: Moonstone is an emotional crystal. It stimulates intuitive feelings and empathic abilities. It enhances creativity. It attracts tranquility, compassion, and self-awareness.

10. THE CRYSTAL YOU ARE MOST ATTRACTED TO: The crystal or stone to which you are most attracted will bring you what you need the most.

Of course this list isn’t all-inclusive there are many more Crystals. Feel free to experiment to see what works the best for you.