Crystal Ball Meditation

Morning Meditation with my Crystal Ball

This morning the sea was calm, the sky was blue and the sound of the waves lulled me right into my trance. Each day I decide on a subject to meditate on, a problem, a wish or a direction for my tarot/Egyptian Stone readings and I head to the sea.

I have a ritual of putting my crystal ball up in front of me, my cards and stones beside me, and the meditation begins. This morning it was a reflection of one of my stones, the stone that represents Geb, the God of the Earth. I was feeling like I needed to be grounded, pulled back to earth, back to reality. Geb is the grounder, the stone that reminds me to breathe, plant my roots in the positive so I can bloom into the flower I want and need to be. While I did this meditation, I sat on the ground as close to the sea as I could get, sun to my face, fingers together and resting at my side. Deep breaths fill my lungs, I can feel the relaxation overtake my body. As I breathe I chant the affirmation, I am grounded and am one with the Earth?. I concentrate on a visualization of Geb, strong, protector of the Earth. With this I fill myself with the light, I can feel myself grounding. I imagine spreading roots into the ground beneath me, my branches soaring into the sky, I take in the positive energy given by everything in nature around me.

Right after I finish my meditation I will take photos of the nature around me. Photographing my crystal ball has become an obsession and I?m sure in the upcoming days you will see many, many photos of my crystal ball. Photography and art is the way I express what is inside me, it also is a way to relax and lose myself for a moment. I hope each of you takes a moment to reflect, pull your energy together and start your day in the positive. If each of us keeps the positive and spreads the love we feel, our world becomes just a little better. Love Light and Laughter to each of you.