Crow Affirmation

I love the Crow.

The crow has represented many things to human kind over time.  I see them as magical, intellengent beings who bring or transport messages  Our ancestors speak through them, our inner selves bring them and they are the teleporter of souls.  I see these birds as fearless, mysterious birds who can bring light or darkness.  I call to the crow today to help with manifestation.  I see these beautiful birds that carry my desire and message to the universe. 

I ask, “with your wings of beauty please take my dreams, desires and hopes with you as you fly toward the heavens.”

I chant and I believe.

“I will reach deep within to bring focus, passion and will manifest my desires”

Words that relate to the crow:  Life, Destiny, Movement, Higher Perspective, Magic, Manifestation, Darkness, Light, Souls, Tricks, Transition