I often wonder where creativity comes from.  It seems to go in spells, the medium I will use changes, depending on the year, what I have a passion for or what just seems to pop out of me.  Growing up my art was never like the other children’s, I can remember feeling disappointed that mine didn’t exactly blend it.  One day I started crocheting, I don’t know where it came from, perhaps from watching my mother as a child.

I picked up a hook and started to crochet.  I crocheted a blanket for every person in my family.  Then that passed.  I’ve made hats, yarn wigs, decoupage suitcases and love photography.  I went through a spell of repurposing mannequins.  Where the creativity comes from, I’m not sure.

The satisfaction and joy that I obtain from creating is real.  I love to photograph everything I can outdoors, I take my camera with me on all my walks.  My meditations often end with me photographing my crystal ball.  I just know it is therapeutic and it enriches my life.  I would hope for you to have a passion, an art or a hobby that you could enjoy and pour your heart into.  For to create is to share your soul.

I believe if you live passionately with positive energy it will pull the passion and energy toward you like a magnet.