Creative Meditation

Many years ago, when the fine art of meditation was a fad, I tried it. Traditional type meditation instructs you to sit in a comfortable chair, maintaining good posture, take a deep breath and let it out, letting go of tension and stress. Do this three times in a row and then clear your mind of all thought and concentrate on nothing. Now I have a lot of difficulties concentrating on nothing. The minute I clear one thought from my mind, another is waiting in line to get in. Thinking about nothing for 15 minutes is torture for me.

Possibly Tibetan nuns and Buddhist monks can do this but I have failed miserably every time I tried to meditate in this traditional fashion. Sometime later, after my failed attempt to meditate for all the benefits it was purported to bring, I was taking a walk. Nice day, nice weather, some time to spare and I began walking around my neighbourhood. It was quiet, everyone at work.

Since I was self-employed, I could take the time off to walk. Amazingly, my mind cleared of all intrusive thoughts. I was not assaulted by my shopping list, the problems of paying the utility bills, friends and foes who I would be dealing with during the weeks and months ahead.

Instead, I was simply walking, my mind relaxing naturally. The movement apparently cleared my mind of all negative thoughts.  The next time I took a walk, the same thing happened. Now, what would happen if I used this nice clear mind to solve a problem? Just one problem, no background noise from the many problems that infest everyday life? I tried it and by the end of the walk, the solution to the problem came to me in a visualization.

There it was, problem solved! Unfortunately, some people can’t easily get out and walk. They are working 8 hours a day, have kids, are rushed and can’t take 15 to 30 minutes off to saunter in a relaxed way around a pleasant neighbourhood or park. I began experimenting with various ways to meditate so I could advise my clients on how to get the benefits of meditation without the frustration of the traditional type of “blank mind” meditation.

I have discovered some creative ways to take 5 or 10 minutes off from the clutter of your day to do quick meditations that will relax your body and mind without upsetting your schedule. You can do these meditations even at your desk in the office or at home while preparing supper.

These are Meditations for Real People. Return frequently to our Metaphysical page and click on my continuing blog about meditation to get some new ideas on how to use this amazing and simple tool to solve problems, relax your mind and body and improve your life.